Product Clearing

Safety first - Advance investigation of complex products

Any new product requires extensive investigation. Newly developed products can contain components or use methods that are protected by third-party intellectual property rights. To reduce or eliminate the risk of infringement from the outset, it is recommended to thoroughly search and investigate the product. We assist you professionally in this research.

IP Due Diligence

Valuation of IP assets – Intellectual Property under scrutiny

A due diligence investigation includes an assessment of the intellectual property assets of a company. During this process all intellectual property rights held by the company concerned will be examined and evaluated. Is the ‘know-how’ of the company sufficiently protected? Is it the sole proprietor of its intellectual property rights? Are they legally valid? What is the validity period of the rights? Are there any third party intellectual property rights hindering utilization of the company’s intellectual property? Is there any claim of a third party? Are licenses granted to any third parties? We clarify all intellectual property related issues for you and help you to correctly evaluate the intellectual property position of a company.